Published Nov 17, 2022

InSinkErator®’s Lift & Latch Makes The Easiest Install Ever

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Doug Hazard Nov 17, 2022
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Lift and Latch™ installation technology by InSinkErator is now available on all InSinkErator models and makes installation easier than ever. The Lift and Latch feature was developed to allowboth hands to be used to lift the disposal and attach it to the sink eliminating one of the biggest installation pain points. This technology is a game-changer for plumbers as well as savvy homeowners looking to update their garbage disposal quickly and easily. Previous to the Lift & Latch system, installations presented a unique and often cumbersome challenge that required the installer to use both hands - one to hold the disposal while the other was needed to turn and adjust the mounting ring - all in a cramped space under the sink basin where maneuverable space was already limited. The feedback from professionals and consumers about these challenges directly resulted in the development of Lift & Latch. “We’re proud to be an icon of the American household plumbing system, and now more than ever, managing food waste is critically important,” said Rob Grim, Vice President of Sales “At InSinkErator, we’re committed to finding new and innovative ways to make our homes and kitchens as efficient and sustainable as possible and the ease and compatibility of Lift & Latch makes new installations as well as disposer upgrades a snap.” Lift & Latch technology is a hassle-free, innovative new feature exclusive to InSinkErator. The design incorporates a notch in the disposal body that aligns with a tab on the lower mounting ring, which holds the disposal assembly in place. Sleek and almost unnoticeable, the proprietary design enables easy use of both hands to lift the disposal and twist it over the mounting ramps until secured. Lift & Latch is available on all Standard, Power and Quiet Series garbage disposals, and is also backwards compatible with all previously-installed InSinkErator units. Quicker and easier disposer-to-sink connections promise to make new installations, as well as disposal unit, updates a convenient kitchen upgrade for today’s modern kitchen.


Lift and Latch™ installation technology frees up both hands to lif t and twist the garbage disposal up the mounting ramps when installing. A patented tab holds the mounting ring in place where it previously could spin f reely which required one hand to hold the lower mountingring in place and the other to lift the disposal. Now, both hands are free to lift, latch and turn the garbage disposal onto the sink. Quick, simple and easy.


Lift and Latch™ installation technology is available on all Standard, Power and Quiet Series models and is backwards compatible with all previous InSinkErator installations.

Useful Facts

  • Lift and Latch installation technology can be found on all Standard, Power and Quiet Series models of InSinkErator garbage disposals.
  • This new technology makes this our easiest install ever by freeing up both hands to twist on the garbage disposal.

InSinkErator Simplifies Garbage Disposal Installation with Lift & Latch™ Technology

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