Member Benefit to Active Builder & Remodeler Members of State & Local HBA’s

HBA Rebates has partnered with dozens of the industry’s leading Manufacturers to strengthen loyalty with HBA Members.

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HBA Rebates Established the Link Between the Home Builders Association Builder & Remodeler members and the Manufacturers

Local residential home builders and remodelers make up the largest section of the building industry. Manufacturers want to build loyalty with this segment, but it takes too much time and resources to reach them. HBA Rebates has created a way for Manufacturers to reward loyalty through a Home Builders Association rebate program that is a member benefit to both their builder and remodeler members.

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Our Simple Process

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REGISTER today to let us know where to send your lump-sum rebate check.


Step 02

Once a quarter, submit the current REBATE CLAIM FORM if you have completed residential addresses that used any of our participating manufacturers.

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Step 03

Receive a quarterly lump-sum REBATE CHECK for your loyalty.

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That’s the average rebate per builder/remodeler company that participated in 2023!

We Find Rebates For you!

No receipts are necessary to process the rebates as we utilize the addresses of your builds and manufacturer salespersons to verify the information through their distribution. This method makes the paperwork simple and requires minimal time on your part.


Claiming Rebates Couldn’t Be Easier


70%+ of participants paid for their HBA membership in rebates alone.

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