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The Brizo® brand is a line of luxury fittings that don’t just complete rooms. They inspire spaces. Spaces that reflect your personality, your perspective, your style.

Our Philosophy: We believe fashion is more than what you wear. It’s the way you move through the world. The culture you experience. The places you travel. And yes, the way you design your home.

Our Namesake: We take our name from the ancient Greek water goddess of dreams. A protector and enchantress, she appeared to mariners and cast visions of their futures. In the same way, we seek to empower individuals to realize their own visions.

Our Portfolio: We create statement pieces for those who live to make statements. Our refined portfolio is characterized by distinctive design, artful craftsmanship, inspired innovation and our commitment to luxury with a conscience.

Above all, we celebrate self-expression—inviting you to shape a life of beauty, on your own terms.

The Brizo® rebate is based on New Construction Only and the address must contain 100% Brizo® Faucets brands. In order to process the Brizo® rebate, we need the following:

Our overall volume allows us to work directly with the National Accounts Departments of the Manufacturers. If you are ever interested in switching to one of our Manufacturer Brands, simply complete the information below and we can have a Manufacturer salesperson offer their best front-end price. And, of course, you would receive a rebate through the Member Rebate Program as well. It must also be noted that you still DO NOT have to switch – this is simply an opportunity to maximize your bottom line! Register Below and mention your interest in the welcome call.

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