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Carrier has been innovating heating and cooling solutions since 1902—when our founder, Willis Carrier, developed the first modern air conditioning system and changed the way we work and live.


On July 17, 1902, young research engineer Willis Carrier designed the first modern air-conditioning system after realizing that water could be used to remove moisture from air. Little did he know that this invention would lead to his launch of a company and would create an entire industry essential to global productivity and personal comfort. The first system included chilled coils, fans, and ducts to control air temperature and maintain constant humidity. He received a patent for the design in 1904 and went on to start the Carrier Engineering Corporation in 1915.


For more than 100 years, Carrier has been leading the industry with innovative ideas, pursuing excellence in heating and cooling solutions for homeowners all over the world. Our products have changed lives, and our commitment to technological excellence has set the standard for the industry.

Rebate Program

The Carrier rebate is based on the number of units and accessories installed in the home. Each System and Accessory carries an incentive. The more Carrier products used = higher rebate. In order to process the Carrier rebate, we need the following:

Our overall volume allows us to work directly with the National Accounts Departments of the Manufacturers. If you are ever interested in switching to one of our Manufacturer Brands, simply complete the information below and we can have a Manufacturer salesperson offer their best front-end price. And, of course, you would receive a rebate through the Member Rebate Program as well. It must also be noted that you still DO NOT have to switch – this is simply an opportunity to maximize your bottom line! Register Below and mention your interest in the welcome call.

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