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Everything you need to know about the HBA Member Rebate program all in one convenient place.

How A Builder Signs Up With The HBA Member Rebate Program

If a builder is currently a member of their State HBA and is ready to register for the Member Benefit, send them here.

Our Manufacturer Partners

Show A Builder How The Claim Process Works

There are three ways to claim your rebate. A classic paper claim form, a website claim form, and a customized excel spreadsheet. Click here to preview all three and figure out which one the builder likes best.

Find Out When The Next Claim Day Is & When Remittances Are Sent

Our complete quarterly calendar and deadline list. Find out when members need to submit their claims, what job completion dates are eligible, and when they can expect to get paid.

Get a Builder To Sign Up With Their State HBA

See our interactive state map to get a link to the desired State HBA.

An Interested Builder Wants To Know More

Webinars, FAQs and other resources to teach builders and reps alike about the fine details that make the HBA Member Rebate Program so popular with builders and manufacturers alike.

A Builder Is On The Fence

Read from real builders and remodelers about how much money the HBA Member Rebate Program made for them and how easy the process was to file claims.

Read More Information On HBA Rebates & Our Manufacturers

Check out our INSIGHTS Magazine. It’s packed with tons of great content on what our manufacturers can do for your builds, and what HBA Rebates can do for your bottom line.