The HBA Member Benefit
That Rewards Builders
For Their Loyalty For
Using Your Brands

Join our partner list of dozens of Manufacturers utilizing and rewarding local community builders and remodelers.

The Mission
Of The HBA Member
Rebate Program

Since its founding, we have grown to thousands of participating Builders representing more residential addresses than the industry’s largest Builder. Our mission is to move the market toward our participating manufacturer partners while continuing to inform our members about the amount of incentives available to use your products while spending a minimal amount of effort to receive them.

3 Ways

We Foster Growth In Your Company


HBA Rebates has built a robust network of promoting manufacturers to small-to-midsize builders, custom home builders, and remodelers of residential construction. We have tested and implemented multiple different streams of effective advertisement to get your product in front of a massive group of engaged builders and remodelers:

  1. A new and improved Insights Magazine with a science-based marketing approach
  2. A strong social media network with a following of thousands of builders
  3. State HBA’s with their personal websites promoting our manufacturing partners


The main focus of our exclusive HBA Member Rebate Program is to reward local residential builders and remodelers for their loyalty using your products. Retaining long-term customers who will continue to use your great products without having to spend thousands in marketing dollars to attract them has proven to be very beneficial to your bottom line.


The HBA Member Rebate Program only allows one manufacturer per product category. As the exclusive manufacturer in your product category, you will receive:

  1. Qualified leads from engaged builders and remodelers
  2. Promotion by State & Local Home Builders Associations
  3. Maximized effectiveness of incentives

Why Our Process Works
For Manufacturers

Most manufacturers structure their rebates to give a larger percentage when a builder utilizes upgrades in their builds. We encourage this and consistently communicate with our members how much more cash they can get every quarter by using more of your products.

We do not disturb your supply chain, which leaves an opportunity to influence builders’ purchases without sacrificing profit margin. We also work with you to find out what information you need to process your rebate, and then organize that information from the builder in an easy to understand format that won’t bog down your rebate processing.

How HBA Rebates
Works For You

HBA Rebates Established the Link Between the HBA Builder/Remodeler and the Manufacturer.

Join our partner list of dozens of Manufacturers utilizing and rewarding local community builders and remodelers.

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