Published Jan 22, 2024

6 Approaches to Create Compelling Gable Ends

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Doug Hazard Jan 22, 2024
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Multi-textured facades are one of the most popular trends for residential exteriors, and gable ends are an easy way to add differentiation and styling.


Foundry® Specialty Siding and Portsmouth™ Shake & Shingles from Westlake Royal Building Products™ offer the warm look, deep textures, and rich colors of cedar in a range of authentic shake and shingle profiles—ideal for accents or the full façade. In addition, both are available in a single-course 7” to minimize waste in a gable application.


Consider these approaches to using shakes and shingles for more eye-catching gable ends:

  • Two-tone colors:Incorporate gable siding in a color one or two shades removed from the rest of the façade. The siding profile can be the same or different than the main cladding. Shown here are Portsmouth D7 Cedar Shingles in Oceanside and Indigo.



  • Matching colors, unique profiles:Blending shakes and shingles in the gables with lap siding or other profiles on the main façade offers a subtle yet eye-catching look. This home achieves this with gables clad in Foundry 7” Split Shake in Blueberry 253.



  • Contrasting colors:Adding a bold color to the gable can provide a more dramatic pop of color without a huge commitment on the full façade. When choosing, select accent colors that work well with the main siding, leveraging color coordination tools when needed.


Shown here are Portsmouth D5 Cedar Shingles in Greystone above D5 Cedar Shingles in Driftwood.



  • Board and batten:For an on-trend style combination that adds a touch of distinction, incorporate board-and-batten into the gable.


  • Specialty shapes:For traditional homes, specialty shapes like Portsmouth Half Rounds (add a touch of flair in keeping with the familiar style.


  • Gable vents:Easy-to-install gable vents, such as those from Mid-America, are the perfect decorative element for gables, and come in simple shapes or designer options. Choose from a coordinating color or a bolder accent.

Builders choose Westlake Royal Building Products for siding or gable installs due to the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality and durability. With a reputation for producing premium materials, Westlake Royal Building Products offer builders the assurance of long-lasting, weather-resistant solutions that enhance the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of their projects.


For even more siding and gable inspiration, browse Westlake Royal Building Products’ diverse brand portfolio at


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