Published Feb 23, 2024

Resideo’s ProSeries All-In-One Security Platform

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Doug Hazard Feb 23, 2024
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Building on a foundation of proven technologies, we are pioneering the next wave of the connected home for you and your customers.

Resideo is a leading provider of home security, life-safety, enhanced notifications, and home-control solutions. As industry pioneers, we have developed our next wave of connected home technology to help your customers feel safe, secure and in control. With more than a century of experience in innovative, reliable solutions, we are your trustworthy business partners, committed to your success.

One platform. More protection. More opportunity.

ProSeries platform brings security and simplicity to homes and small businesses, with a host of features and benefits in one powerful, end-to-end ecosystem. It offers our largest-ever range of supported home solutions in one modular, scalable system. With a modular design and seamless hardware and software, ProSeries offers an efficient, customized installation and a great user experience. It also features proven life safety, advanced smart home capabilities and technology that makes takeovers and upgrades easier than ever. The ProSeries platform helps you win more business, keep your customers longer and drive more profits.


Security and innovation at every step.

Modular by design, ProSeries products can be customized to your customers’ individual lifestyles. Responsive alerts are faster than before, and the system now offers hands-free disarming for an enhanced user experience. Takeovers and upgrades are simple, cost effective and stress free. The future-proof system can grow with customer needs and is ready for the next technology trend.

Proven life safety.

ProSeries products help you take care of premises – and people. Smart sensors detect smoke, heat, and CO, triggering One-Go-All-Go alarms and initiating audio and visual evacuation warnings throughout a building.

The smarter home.

ProSeries products offers your customers a smart, connected home with a single, easy-to-use app, which controls lighting, locks, thermostats and more. Optional features like video storage help you upsell and increase your RMR.

The More Aware Consumer.

ProSeries deploys solutions that increase customer engagement as they are kept aware of activity in and around the home. With new 24-hr. awareness responses, and configurable sound options, used in conjunction with MotionViewers, motion sensors, and door/window sensors, you may deploy solutions for a host of problems where the getting the Central Station Involved. Notifications are delivered using the control panel and Total Connect.


Increase the lifespan.

ProSeries products are future-proof, designed to grow with your customers’ needs. Future technology upgrades are easily accommodated and extend the lifespan of your customer.

Protect and grow with AlarmNet 360® Insights.

AlarmNet 360 Insights shows how your customers engage with ProSeries products. It helps you manage, filter, export and sort account information, using real time, interactive dashboards that identify customer needs, so you can act on new opportunities as they arise.

Protect your customers.

ProSeries products make takeovers easy for you, but difficult for competitors. Our sensors lock to our panels, preventing re-use, which means customers considering a change must get in touch with your team, allowing you an opportunity to discuss their needs.

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