How Rebates Are Computed

We do not disclose individual rebate amounts on the Rebate Claim Forms for 2 reasons
  • We do not want non-active members of the HBA to find out the rebate amounts, go their distribution and ask them to “take it off their bill”, and have no incentive to join the HBA.
  • By combining the small to mid-size Builders across the country, we have negotiated the same rebates as a “Top-5” Builder would receive. The Manufacturers do not want us to make those rebate amounts public.

Please contact us to get a conservative average based on what Manufacturers you are currently using.

The rebates are computed in 3 different ways
  • The majority of our Manufacturers reward for a “standard” and then reward more for an “upgrade”.
  • Some Manufacturers give a rebate amount per home if their product was installed regardless of model or quantity.
  • Some Manufacturers give a percentage back based on the products used and the quantity chosen.

To view how a specific Manufacturer has setup their rebate program, please visit the Manufacturers page and click on the Manufacturer.