Frequently Asked Questions

Completion Dates Explained

Is it worth my time?
Our most asked question. Only you know what your time is worth, but the average amount of time to complete our Rebate Claim Form is 15 minutes.
The average rebate per Builder/Remodeler company who participated in
2019 was $1,472.55!
2020 was $1,495.13!
2021 was $1,582.20!

Participate in this member benefit and if you are unhappy with your loyalty rebate amount, you are under no obligation to continue.

Must I align with all Participating Manufacturers?
No, however, the more participating Manufacturers that are used will greatly increase your lump-sum rebate check!

Do I have to save my receipts?
There are no receipts necessary to process your rebate claim. We have made this member benefit as simple as possible. Instead of receipts, we ask for information that our Manufacturers salespeople in your area use to verify.

What if my Subcontractors buy the products?
The Manufacturers are rewarding loyalty with these rebates. If you are specifying the products to your Subcontractors, then you are affecting the sale and therefore qualify for the rebate.

Rebate amounts are not listed, can I find them out?
As this is a free member benefit available to all active Builder & Remodeler members, we cannot disclose the specific amounts to the public. Please Contact Us for a conservative average based on what you are using.

Why are the addresses where the products were installed needed?
We do not sell or provide anyone, other than the Manufacturer you are claiming for, with your address(es). These are needed by the Manufacturers to pay a rebate based on a Fed. Govt. Law requiring them to have it in case of an audit. The address(es) act as the “receipt.”

Do I have to change the way I do business?
You do not need to change the way you do business! You still utilize the same Subcontractors and Suppliers as desired and continue conducting your business as usual.

Why do Manufacturers want to reward me?
Manufacturers recognize that the small to mid-size Builder is the largest segment of the building industry and they are rewarding those Builders with rebates through the HBA Member Rebate Program.

Ways to make claiming easier?
1. Print our Rebate Claim Form and tack it up in the house under construction. Either:
a. Have your Subcontractors fill in the Manufacturers when completed.
b. Have them complete the Rebate Claim Form when they submit their bill or arrive for their check.
In either case, the Rebate Claim Form will be completed and ready to go when the quarter ends!
2. Using the Rebate Claim Form as a guide, create an EXCEL Template keeping track of all products installed as each address is completed. Send when requested per quarter.
3. Complete a Rebate Claim Form after each address is completed vs. at the end of the quarter as the information is current.

Quarterly Remittance Statements:
When you submit a quarterly rebate claim, we issue you a quarterly remittance statement showing the addresses you submitted, the Manufacturers contributing per address, and your total quarterly lump-sum rebate amount.

Remittance Statement “Claimed Previously”

If *Claimed Previously* is listed, it indicates that an address was previously submitted in a prior quarter. You cannot submit an address twice. Please submit a rebate claim for an address when it is “finished” or “completed” and all products have been installed.